Essential Oils


Essential oils are made from parts of plants like leaves, herbs, barks, and rinds. Different methods are used to concentrate them into oils. Not all essential oils will sell for the same price. While Orange can be sold for under $10.00 per half ounce the same can not be said for Rose or Jasmine. These are old stock oils.
The following oils are available for purchase by the 1/2oz. These are pure essentials not cut or diluted.

Basil $7
Bergamot $9
Camphor $7
Cinnamon $15
Clary Sage $9
Eucalyptus $7
Frankincense $17
Geranium $12
Ginger $12
Hyssop $18
Juniper Berry $12
Lavender $10
Lemon $7
Lemon Grass $7
Myrrh $25
Orange $7
Patchouli $12
Rosemary $7
Sandalwood $25
Tangerine $7
Tea Tree $7
Thyme $9
Vetivert $18


The safest way to buy essential oils is to know something about them,
and the company you are dealing with. Essential oils are an expensive
product and vary so much in price on the wholesale market that selling
them at one price for all is truly impossible for 100% pure essential oil.
The wholesale market can range in price from several hundred dollars
up to several thousand per 1000ml for the most common ones, more
exotic oils can top the $10,000 mark. If these are not the oils you are
looking for, please check out our "fragrance" oils. Thank You.